Northeast Ohio Daylily Society

Mission statement:   NODS is dedicated to creating an awareness of the genus Hemerocallis commonly known as Daylilies.  To introduce daylilies to a wider public audience and educate people about the value and enjoyment of this plant.

NODS members participate at many levels.  It can be as simple as learning to enjoy daylilies in your own garden.  And it can be as involved as your interest carries.  Over the years NODS activities have included many of the following events
  • Make new garden friends
  • Club meetings with daylily growers as guest speakers
  • Visit member gardens and regional gardens
  • Attend regional and national conventions
  • Annual club daylily sale
  • Scape ( daylily flower ) shows
  • Support local horticulture students
  • Club banquet

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There are many benefits to being a NODS member.  Besides making new garden friends you will hear and see the incredible variety of the plant called daylily.  Daylilies come in just about any size you can imagine.  More than you will ever see by the roadside ditch or at most garden centers.  From plants a foot high to those that are five and six feet tall.  Little one inch blooms on some plants and at the other end flowers that are fourteen inches across.  The form and presentation of the daylily flower continues to evolve.  Join us in the fun of watching and making it happen.

Our club is part of the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS).  NODS membership does not require membership in the AHS though most consider membership ( when you are ready ) to be quite a bargin.  Please join us at our next meeting or contact one of our members.

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